Sunday, 16 October 2011

Learn English Through Songs And Musics

The second beneficial website that I've been introduced to by my superior lecturer is , which allows learners of English as their target language to learn language  through songs and musics. This is an interesting approach of learning as through this special website, students are able to improve their foreign languages skills through the music videos and lyrics of their favourite songs. 

How does this website work for the students?
The tasks that have been designed are gap-filling activities or a kind of game which the songs are categorised into three modes: easy, medium and hard and the activities are depending on students' level: beginner, intermediate, advanced. This simply means, the tasks prepared are for all students, regardless which level they are in.

For the beginners, they need to only fill in the gaps, which are only ten percents of the whole song. Students need to listen to the songs they have chosen, and then write down the lyrics that are being emptied purposely for students to fill in. 

For the intermediate level student, they have to also fill in the gap of the twenty five percents of the lyrics, which is quite tougher and difficult than for the beginner. 

While for the students of advanced level, they need to come up with the whole lyrics of the song, without any single phrase given. This is rather more challenging and requires higher listening skill and more attention to the recorded song.

Aren't you amazed with this website? Well, now, we're going to be critical by seeing both the good and the bad points of this website.
Advantages :
1. Authenticity: Students are being exposed to real materials (songs, sang by the real singer)
2. This approach is relevant for nowadays' demand because music can be considered one of the students' area of interest. 
3. It encourages learners to use variety  of skills such as listening and writing skills; variety of language knowledge like vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation; variety of learning styles (students can work individually with songs instead of normal group works). 
Disadvantages :
1. Students might be distracted by the music as they should listen carefully to the songs to catch up with the lyrics. 

Personal comment: This website is simply amazing because it caters students of all levels! :)

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