Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Encourage Language Learning Through Animation

Today, I am going to promote another useful website to make animation. This is really great for all users specifically the children.  It is the ZimmerTwins website; offers platform for students in creating an animation while creating their own story line, using appropriate language, choosing the right vocabulary to suit the story and being creative. 

How to use this technology? Well, 1. just click on the link above, then, you will find this page: 

2.Click on the watch movie button. (I've circled it in red. You can either click on the left side's tab or tab under the picture)
3. You can start producing your own movie, choosing any three characters (boy, girl, cat) while narrating the animation. 

You may click either on 'Kitty Dreams' link or 'Make From Scratch' tab to proceed. There is also guide lines on how to make a movie.

You can either choose to make a dialogue/monologue, the background (on the street/ stage/ at the living room etc) and the emotion of the characters, by just click on either four tabs as circled above.
The steps are really easy to be followed. However, this video is not to be made public but rather to be viewed by the one who make it and in order for teachers to look at each students video, teachers need to ask for each student's password and username to log in into their account, which is time consuming.

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