Thursday, 3 November 2011

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Today, I am going to share another amazing website as above. It's Bubblr! This is a tool to create a comic strips using photos from I can search for thousands images and add bubbles to them to describe the images that I have chosen. To search for the images, I just need to type on tag column about specific related topic that I want.

Suggested activity that teacher can do with students of 14 or 15 years old using this tool is by first select a particular topic which is related to the students. For example, favourite sport, favourite food, places that they would like to visit etc.
The upper tab, circle in yellow is used to search for photos by just typing the key word  and press enter. There will be a lot of photos available to be selected.
We then can put some words or description or even make a story by writing on the bubble that can be inserted to the pictures.

Here is an example of what I have come up with, sharing about the activities that I wish to do:

The advantages of this activity:
1. Personalisation as they can relate this task with themselves. According to their own preference, they can choose any photos that they want and even describe them the way they want to.
2. Students can search for thousands of photos for FREE.
3. Photos taken are from Flickr, which are all public. There can be photos taken by professionals as well as beginners. Although not all pictures are really of high quality,but students can choose and find for the best ones that they want.
4. Images available can cater variety of topics.  Variety makes learning different and more motivating as students will not be bored with the same methods or topics of discussion.

However, too much photos might as well distract learners because there will be time consuming to find for the best photos to illustrate what students want to say. 

Related website which is more or less quite similiar to this is: Bookr.

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