Friday, 2 December 2011


Mailvu is one of the useful tools that can unleash the power of video with the simplicity of email. It functions more or less similar to Keek. We can make video using both tools and teachers need to be creative in manipulating these tools for language teaching. Activities that can be conducted using this tool might be suitable for students age from 15-17 years old.

It is important to note that, to use this tool, webcam is needed while recording the video.

Teachers might create several activities to be collaborated with this tool. In order to get students to engage themselves into the class activity, for example, students can conduct an interview session among themselves and record it using the technology. Teachers might ask students to work in pairs and get students to firstly, make questions to ask another friend such as, 
1. How did you get your name?
2. Which character in Harry Potter do you like the most? 
3. What do you want for your next birthday present?
And, the list of questions go on as many as possible.