Sunday, 16 October 2011

Learn English Through Listening and Writing

The third website that I'm going to share with you is When you click on the link given, you will see this page coming up from your laptop or computer screen: 

This website allows learners to listen to news items and to do dictations. This simply means, students need to dictate and transcribe the reported news that have been intended for for reproduction in writing.

Learn English Through Songs And Musics

The second beneficial website that I've been introduced to by my superior lecturer is , which allows learners of English as their target language to learn language  through songs and musics. This is an interesting approach of learning as through this special website, students are able to improve their foreign languages skills through the music videos and lyrics of their favourite songs. 

How does this website work for the students?
The tasks that have been designed are gap-filling activities or a kind of game which the songs are categorised into three modes: easy, medium and hard and the activities are depending on students' level: beginner, intermediate, advanced. This simply means, the tasks prepared are for all students, regardless which level they are in.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Learn English Through Making Movie

To start with, what exactly is technology? Generally, I would say technology can be described in terms of objects, knowledge, acitivities, process and socio-technical system. 
  • Technology as objects clearly refers to tools, machines, instruments or gadgets (the physical devices of technical performance) like computers, wireless etc. 
  • Technology as knowledge means the know-behind technological innovation.
  • Technology as activities describes what people do with the objects, including the skills, methods, procedures and routines.
  • Technology as a process entails something that begins with a need and ends with a solution, involves making.
  • Technology as a socio-technical system implies the manufacture and use of objects involving people and other objects in combination, shaped by the society and shapes the society as well.
For me, technology is something incredible that both students and teachers particularly can work with for teaching and learning benefits. Undoubtedly, technology is an ever-increasing part of the English language arts classroom. Today's teachers are developing new and exciting means of integrating language, writing, and literature with innovative technologies (gadgets/websites etc).