Thursday, 13 October 2011

Learn English Through Making Movie

To start with, what exactly is technology? Generally, I would say technology can be described in terms of objects, knowledge, acitivities, process and socio-technical system. 
  • Technology as objects clearly refers to tools, machines, instruments or gadgets (the physical devices of technical performance) like computers, wireless etc. 
  • Technology as knowledge means the know-behind technological innovation.
  • Technology as activities describes what people do with the objects, including the skills, methods, procedures and routines.
  • Technology as a process entails something that begins with a need and ends with a solution, involves making.
  • Technology as a socio-technical system implies the manufacture and use of objects involving people and other objects in combination, shaped by the society and shapes the society as well.
For me, technology is something incredible that both students and teachers particularly can work with for teaching and learning benefits. Undoubtedly, technology is an ever-increasing part of the English language arts classroom. Today's teachers are developing new and exciting means of integrating language, writing, and literature with innovative technologies (gadgets/websites etc).  

Today, I would love to share one of the most exciting website that can be of teachers' preference to make students' learning activity becoming more creative. It is Dvolver website , where students are exposed in making movies and creating their own dialogues. This movie-maker-website is fabulously interesting as there are characters, background music as well as context provided for students to make their movies more interesting. 
How to make a movie through this website?
Now, firstly, I'm going to show you the introductory page of this amazing website:

Once you have seen this page, you could just click on 'make a movie' tab to start producing your movie! I'm going to show you step-by-step how to make a movie.

1. Select the background for your story to take place. 

2. Select a plot or what kind of scene you want it to be.

3. Select the character/ characters that you prefer. 

4. Come up with a dialogue of the character/ characters to make up the story.

5. Find the best music to be matched with the story that you have created!

Lastly, click on the 'finish movie' and now, your movie is done! 

Students can use all those features in order to contextualized dialogues that they create. The example of a movie that I've come up with is:

I've found several good things and limitations of this website for the teaching and learning purpose.
The advantages:
1. It's very interesting and fun, with music and background provided.
2. Thus, encourages participation from students to complete the task.
3. It promotes personalisation as students can freely create their own dialogues, choosing their own preferred characters for their movies.
4. Easy for students to contextualise their language.
5. Students learn to use language, not learn about the language while creating a movie.
6. Students can learn language and ICT at the same time (two in one benefits).
7. Allows creativity and variety of ideas from the students.
8. Authentic language use for actual product (movie).
9. It is free!

The disadvantages:
1. The characters, background and music offered are limited and students couldn't download other files from the laptop but rather to use those that have been given only.
2. Students might use inappropriate language if teachers do not monitor their movie making.
3. Time-consuming as it might be difficult for students of lower level to find suitable vocabulary as well as to create dialogues, unless it is a homework.
4. Requires enough facilities like computers and internet connection, which might be of disadvantage for teachers and students of rural areas.

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