Thursday, 17 November 2011

Learn Language knowledge (Vocabulary, Grammar) And World Knowledge

Clicknlearn tool is a Spanish website which allows language learners to learn linguistic knowledge (grammatical rules) as well as world knowledge (Biology etc) depending on what learners want to learn. 

How to use this tool? 
1. Just click on the link and then enter site:

2. Choose the language. There are four languages available (English, French, Spanish and Valencia). In my context, I will choose English because English is my target language:

3. Click roll over the 'Open' and then choose 'Menu':

4. Select the level and the topic that you're interested to do.

For me, I have tried to look at activities for Present Simple. In this specific site, Firstly, It brings me to the basic present simple questions, followed by the negative form of it and finally the interrogative structure of present simple.

  • simple: 

Activity: drag correct verb to its appropriate place (practice)
Problems: no presentation for simple present tense. need to have presentation first, then let Ss be familiar with the form. Later, exercises. 

  • the negative form (presentation). e.g. don't, doesn't. 
Then, followed by practice of writing 'don't' or 'doesn't in the blank space
Problem: It doesn't show the correct form of the questions, students can't make correction to the answers answered.

  • interrogative form: 

Straight to the practice, no presentation of how to use the structure. 2questions about arranging sentences in correct order. Practice again, for more questions.

1.There is visual aids (pictures with colours) which might be interesting for certain students who love to work with images.
2.There is HELP button that provides some guidelines to the students on how to use the grammar. 
3.Points/ Marks enable students to check their score and know their performance on that particular linguistic competence. Students can evaluate themselves and how much have they progressed.
4.The material can be printed,  which can help teachers in preparing for the materials to be used in class.
5. I, H, P buttons: provide explanations on how to use the tool, topics etc.
6. It promotes contextualised language. Language learning needs context in order to be effectively taught to students.
7. It encourages autonomous learning since students might use this tool at home and keep practicing the language through the exercises provided by the website.
8. It helps for out-of-class activity where after learning the language rules etc at the school, this tool give a platform to practice the knowledge and check their understanding on particular subject.

1. No age information but only the level, according to Spanish school system, which might be difficult for Malaysian students to categorise themselves.
2. Sometimes, the visual information too much but, no audio aids. Over-reliance to one thing might also be a distractor for language learning.
3. Instructions might be not really clear for low level students.
4. Visual aids don't really match to the words
5. No scaffolding to help Ss to get correct answers.

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