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Elloenglish is a tool which consists of various activities including multimedia, free MP3 files, vocab tasks,

language notes, print page and more. 

How to use it? 

1. Just by clicking on the link and you will see this page is coming up from your screen: 

2. Students can choose which level they are and what genres they want. 

3. They can proceed with the listening activity and answering questions etc depending on topic that they choose. For example, I choose 'Broke in the Big Apple':

To play the recording, just click on the button play. To choose the activity (audio downloads, vocabulary quiz etc), just click on either task that you want to complete.

What sections are there?
1) Different medium of resources
= interview
= newscast
= listening games
= songs
= mixer

2) Different activities based on proficiency levels but there are no categories to be chosen. So students need to find it by themselves (no age indicator for each level given).

3) Different speakers of different countries (indicated by different flags)

4) Interactive quizzes + transcription

5) Suggested Study Plan
1) Do the Quiz Game
2) Read the Transcript
3) Listen to the Audio Notes
4) Complete the Side Quizzes
5) Answer Questions for You
6) View Video and Links
6) Suggestion for study option

7) Teacher can print the page for classroom exercises

Although this website seems to be quite informative and useful, it is not not really systematic because there are no specific themes for the resources. However, there are advertisements specifically for educational purpose is really helpful and useful.

There are also videos available! (

Audio and exercises in audio type are available to be downloaded.

The interactions occur through the use of this tool are two ways interaction where students can check the answer straight away as well as computer mediated, where there are several activities that can be done under the specific chosen text.

Some vocabulary items are being bold and if you click on that, the explanation will appear in audio type

subtitles, audio, downloads, vocabulary, dialogues, MP3, Comprehension, video, exam help, PDF Files, songs, news

What can you do with the songs?
- ELLLO contains some great songs by independent artists
- As the students listen, the words are displayed on the screen so students can catch the lyrics (words to the song).
- Listening and reading the lyrics is a great way to improve grammar, pronunciation, reading speed, reading by chunks and common slang and idioms
This song is available oniTunes. To buy this song or other songs by this artist just open up iTunes and go to the Music Store. In the search box enter "Nanbanjin" and this song and other music by this artist will appear.

How is elloenglish underpinned by our current understanding of language learning?
Principles of technology

Ellloenglish is recommended for language learning because :

1) Language learning is important to hear a variety of accents. This makes them aware that they shouldn't really hold into the stereotype that one accent is better or superior to another because language is to be used to communicate meaning, not merely to get it perfect.
2) Authentic materials using the real English that we use in daily conversation- avoid disconnection while having real conversation with people
4) Encourage autonomous learning as learners learn on their own space
5) It encourages personalisation as students can choose their own preferred topic. This can lead to motivation as they learn with their own space and interest.
6) Might be an advantage to cater students of multiple intelligences, specifically for auditory and visual learners since there are combinations of skills (listening, reading)
7) Learn vocabulary items/ jargon/ register (language in context) which are useful for outside world use
8) Printed materials can help teachers to always being prepared before entering the class. The materials inside are instant text to scaffold teaching. Teachers might adapt the materials and make it suitable for her class besides try to make variety of teaching approach.
9) Cultural understanding of other cultures because of various topics covered (broader, rounded views of the world
10) Quizzes and immediate feedback set purpose for learners to read/ listen carefully tot he audio. This provides motivation and purpose to listen.
11) Skills development can take place as language learning is skill-based, students can develop skills through variety of activities, questions, games
12) Variety of levels help all students get comprehensible input (Krashen’s), but not always true, language is also about the feeling of enjoyment, depends on what you want to achieve
13) Gauge their level to evaluate their own achievement and reflection
14) Based on CLIL approach where students learn English together with world knowledge (content)

However, there are limitations to this tool:
1) Sometimes, the pictures or videos do not really illustrate the story/ content.
2) Not all materials can be printed.

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